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"Hi Edge and Stevie T! Look Edge, the Chiefs tutorial for the Abyss was amazing! The best one that you have made imho! I am going to take the time to say thank you, to you and Stevie (thank you for your gameplan of the Chiefs with the Edges).I appreciate that you are loyal to your members and that you answer each and every question that is posed to you both. Also, with the knowledge that you provide, where else can you go and be entertained with movies? My wife, who doesn't even play madden, lol, always asks, "Does Edge have any new movies today? lol, you are pretty much a household name here :) With the time and dedication that you have to make all of us great Madden players, I thank you! If you ever decided to upgrade your coaching and knowledge to where you would have to charge another fee...I would be first in line! I wanted to put this in the comments section so everyone will see that I said this...EA has the wrong two people working for them, ala prima Madden! :) Thanks Edge and Stevie T!"@maddenedge edge you are my madden guru. your insight for the game has brought my play to a new level.buying your e-books / strategy guide was well worth the money tenfold. Ive combined your running attack with passing formations with the same look as my running formations and im unstoppable.i use 43-44 combo def with the ravens.guys if you dont have the ebooks get them ! you wont be dissapointed! Madden 25 ebooks, madden 14 ebooks, madden 25 ebook, madden 14 ebook, offense, madden 25 money plays, ebooks, ebook, tips, cheats, previews, best, trailer, schemes, Madden NFL 15 eGuides and Strategy, madden 15 ebooks, madden 15 ebook

I appreciate all the time you putting into Madden. You have helped me get over the hump and start winning games that I normally lose at the end because of bad defense. I started using some of your schemes and roster setup with the Rams. I feel like I am prepared for anything. Can't wait till Madden 15. I think I can be in that top 200 at least. Keep up the good work. It was worth the money I spent.Madden 15 Strategy Guides, Madden 15 Strategy guide, online tournaments

L Basham

Anyone that plays Madden should become a Maddenedge matter what skill level you are,there is something that you can use in your gameplay..Edge is the Belichick of Madden.. by the way he uses the players he has, and finds a scheme to make it work..with an easy learning curve on top of it one, ps4, ebook, madden, money play, madden 2015, ebook, ebooks, madden 15


Hey edge that Edges 15 is the perfect scheme for my rams. I'm on a 6 GM streak with it. I made one adjustment to the lineup I switched brockers for the end for more containment on the qb's left side and put Jenkins at the fs...he acts like a young Ed Reed plunking balls out of nowhere!!! The rams defense will be flat out nasty in madden 15

H Atkins 7-25-2015

New sections on the site look great! Love the site and the community! Top notch!! What I really like is that you guys are very passionate and always seem excited about what you are doing. I've been in other Madden communities before where as soon as they got the money they wanted nothing to do with the members any more. So this really is the best Madden site out there, and its not close.

J Kroner 4-18-2014

I'm 21-4 since I stared using your schemes. I started out with the near far/46, now I'm using the Edge gun/destroyer defense. This sh** is fire! I've been playing madden since 2004. I've spent several hundred dollars on various ebooks and guides, all with nanosetups or some sort of glitches. I believed this is how everyone played. I was shocked to find that u do neither. I played football in highschool and you remind me of my coach, who preached sound fundementals constantly. I'm glad that i found your website, I'm a fan for life. I will never subcribe to any more nano ebook bullsh**, ever. could u post my testimonial on your home page, it would mean alot. take care


Love the (Madden 25)audible system your site is the only site that already has schemes ready to go for this audible system. I think we will be able to run a 4-3 3-4 46 scheme this year with certain teams if we can make custom books that way you can utilize your favorite plays in these formations look forward to working with you and Stevie T 

John black

I mean I am blown away at the sheer amount of information. I’ve bought tons of books over the years. VGSports, Madden Lab, MaddenMania, more than I can remember. Your product has floored me.


"I'm rewatching the videos on the website to see if I am missing anything in that 4-4 unicorn. Between that the 4-3 and the 3-3-5 on situations , it's been a nasty combo. I dread playing offense now cause the defense is so fun and on point lol"

Kyle D

Starting to really perfect ur defense man.... its amazing how dynamic it is! I started a new profile for madden and am currently 10-0. I dont use west coast offense, but the def scheme is just so versatile and knowing how to adjust to your opponent with the correct plays has taken my Madden skills to another level. Cant thank you enough.

Aww man... Just got out for college summer break to find a bunch of treats on the site. Love the new layout and schemes. I haven't gotten to every scheme yet, but I have tried the war eagle and edge easy 2. I have to say I will be using the easy 2. Best scheme ever, I'm 5-0 with it into the 1000s for the first time even with taking time off of madden for school. Ive been using the jets with it only so far, Landry is ridiculous in this scheme with 90 strength. I dont think we can find another with that speed strength hit power combo. Anyway I would love to know a list of what teams are optimal for this scheme as I would love to use it for my Broncos, but dont know if we are very optimal. P.s. glad youre back. Haven’t been on for awhile so I just wanted to say thanks 
for everything you are giving edge nation. is my go to for Madden strategy guides, guide


-Chris R

I bought your madden package and I have been studing it like crazy, im hooked I may have over looked it but i did not see a roster adjustment for the cheifs defensive "egde scheme" is it too much to ask for one thanks man for everything u have already done I have went from a zero to a hero in madden 


As you guys know, Im a big college football guy.

I use the 3-3-5 Stack, but was forced go to a 3-4 since in Online LEague, my good backup safties graduated...but I have lunatics at DL and LB

Been playing online a ton getting a feel for the 3-4 and found myself inadvertently using the Edge LEgend 3-4 Pack LOL! It's funny how us Maddenedgers eventually being to think like each other lol.

Its been crushing people...Im on the verge of cracking 1000 skill points

Nakia Randell

"Hello Edge Nation! I have recently started gaming again, getting tuned up for Madden 25 and I must say that I am straight killing the comp with basically only two plays on defense, the***** *******and the ****** 3 out of the ********* I have found that when the offense goes into any kind of a spread look that the ******* brings tremendous heat up the middle (Greg Hardy fires off the ball like you wouldn't believe)and for my panthers, the ************ is just a great all around play. Mixed in with the ********* flipped and an occasional blitz from the ********* and the nickel ***********, the panthers defense now becomes very tough! I am going to go back and study some older videos now, but I really love the ********** as a defense for the panthers! Thank you for all of the knowledge that you have provided."


Edge is a true Madden scientist, relying not on gimmicks or gadgetry, but solid football principles combined with detailed lab-testing and thorough explanation. There is nothing on the web that approaches the comprehensive Edge system. If you are looking to study up, his concepts never get old, and will set you up to frustrate the competition. Edge details every scheme patiently, and then teaches you how to execute through expansive video tutorials. I have personally enjoyed near-instant results after implementing several of his schemes. Do not waste your time or money anywhere else if you are trying to step up your Madden game...EDGE IS THE BEST! Conversely, you can hold B (360) or Circle (PS3) to call a No Huddle Spike, so your quarterback will immediately spike the ball by hiking next madden 25 15

Arya S

Yes Sir!!!! Best E-Book Out!! Im a level 2, 20-10..i defeated a level 20, 311-110....thanks dude!!! keep it coming!!!!


Yo edge im a total noob!! Two days ago my brother in law beat me 80-0 with ravens bought the ebooks and have been looking at ur videos he has not beat me since!! Whipped that ass 45-7 and 52-21. He is tight. edge legend baby!!!

H Escoto

​I just want to give you a tremendous amount of credit. I understand the personnel, but how did you come up with the formation and plays for the legend defense? I totally shut down my friends running game that used to destroy my defense. Furthermore, my interceptions and sacks went up. I LOVE playing defense now. I just have to stop those drag and underneath crossing routes. Thank you, if there's anything I can do for your website let me know seriously!

Robert H

Put this in your testimony under my last one for Robert H. After studying your 
system I used the edge legend & the 1-6-4 defense. I shut everything my friend 
did down running and those drag routes! I'm in love with playing defense!

Robert H

Hey Edge,

Appreciate the shout out on your videos. I saw you posted the  
Seahawks roster and the optimization was really simple. So I thought  
I would give them a try.

Using your custom scheme you use with the Browns and your Edge Easy  
with 46, 335 etc I've been on a 8 game win streak against players 800  
and up! After you posted the tip for hot route on stopping screens  
I've been able to adjust to players and straight shut them down. This  
is basically everything paying off from religiously following your  
videos. Seriously, after practicing all of your schemes and taking  
advantage of the custom book, I'm ready to hit top 1000 and more.  
I've been a Raven's and 49ers kind of player this year and last year.  
I don't even want to go back after using the Seahawks. With the  
Seahawks you are able to play to their strengths against better  
opponents. I'm about this close to getting equipment so I can post  
videos to prove your Scheme is fool proof.

Hey Edge,

Just wanted to say thanks for such an incredible site. You teach us how to think like a coach and why some plays/schemes will work and why sometimes they wont. That sure beats buying a bunch of ebooks with so called "money plays"..when the money plays get shutdown, then your screwed. Not so with the Maddenedge schemes.


​"15 game win streak "1,000s" once I switched to the Bear 25. In the 46 Bear, moved ******** to LE and ***** to DT. ******** is a monster at that spot. If he doesn't get doubled, he will pressure the QB the whole game. The Bear 25 makes defense very very simple. Almost too simple. A lot of guys run the 46, but so far, nobody runs the bear25. I know you want us to edge'em up Edge, but I think I'm going keep this one to myself. lol. Great scheme! ncaa football 14


"Whats up Edge and Stevie T and the rest of the nation! Just wanted to report that the addition of some of Stevie T's manball offense is the real deal! I shy away from of all of the gun set and read options and such, but the xxxxx sets that he has in addition to mine have really opened up my offense. Now mind you, its still not plug and play, you have to read the d and take what they give you. I also took some advice from gettchalatteready and switched to the browns xxxxx and Edges 3-4 abyss. Since the switch I am 15-5 for the week and ranked 232. Practice and study hard, thank you guys!"


You are a pure defensive genius. The Bill Belichick of Madden. I started using your psycho defense and man I'm telling you offensive don't know what's going on out there. I gotten pick sixes, stuff the run IN THE BACKFIELD to even delay of games because offensives are not sure how to attack me. This defense is indeed psycho!!!!

R Hughey

"Alright so I joined in like 2011-2012 I believe, and by no means am I trying to take away from the work thats been done already however this new "Edges" is CRAZZZZY to the point I need to start getting involved on the boards...No time better than now then to say I love how this has always been primarily defense schemes without the "crap" nanos and gimmicks...Edge and Stevie T special thanks to you both and all the rest that have made MaddenEdge what it is today! It's still early in the season but 2-0 for 25' with my cowboys...THANK YOU!"


Hey just play a guy tha had 100 wins I came out on top using "Edge Legend" & Pistol I beat the hell out of them 47 to 14.. ok im goin to be labing the Jets and Vikings


Thanks LP

Thanks much.

The raiders are sure cleaning house with their personnel. Will be  
interesting down the road!


"By the way! Just wanted to report that the Edges schemes is the real deal! I haven't played a ranked game as of yet, but in the 4 nonranked games that I have played, Carolina's defense was DOMINANT! I have never seenmy cats fly to the football like they are doing right now! Beason and Kuechly are just tearing it up! Charles Johnson and Greg Hardy are constantly in the backfield. Its so great that even my below average secondary is like, "oh no! We want to be seen on espn highlights as well! lmao! YOu guys have outdone yourselves with this scheme!"


They took out some of the good plays in multiple d in madden 13, so I used the edge legend with Baltimores def play book. I only put suggs on the line since the other linemen had decent block shedding. I have to say this scheme saved my ass a lot especially this early in the season.


​Yo edge on a 10 game streak with the Jags with the "Edge Easy" awesome straight puttin the clamps on them boys. Awsome backers that dude Daryl Smith Block Sheds at 95. The dude I just played sent me a message after he quit in the second quarter. He said for me to stop using cheat codes lol!!! funniest message I have every received
 Hey whats up first i wanna say thank you for all your hardwork your stuff actually works and ive improved my d jus off adopting your defensive scheme. But i would like to ask a few questions as far as the 4-6 goes (if its cool u dont have to answer ill understand) but on 3rd down im getting killed with speedsters in the slot and anything down the middle (in-post routes slants drag routes you name it) any idea on what to call out the 4-6? I pretty much kno a large part of the scheme is based on knowing your opponent and his tendenacies but im not gettin any help with safe inside blitz or ss blitz not even the cover 2 hawk it all gets blown up unless my opponent does sumthin stupid. PLEASE PLEASE ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT. Ill be watching the vids over again in the meantime(i watchem everyday) and ill be more than willing to donate because your info is jus that helpful & FREE while other ebooks like the new england & oakland book have been nothin but a waste of cash

Wilbert Henry

Big John 

yo edge man. i've been trying to get you to look at my profile and check out how i've been doing my thing since joining your scheme. it's hot man. it really works.


yo i got to say your scheme works pretty damn good just played a guy with a 206-56 record and he ended up rage quitting before the 2nd quarter was even done lol.


Hi Edge,

Shout out to Edge Captures for the kick ass Packers cubed. Played three games had two quits in third and this finish.Averaging over 200 rushing with the Stevie Captures manball as I was with San Fran and the 3 4 impossible scheme.Excited about these guys as they flying everywhere in defense getting sacks and pics every game which I wasn't getting with San Fran with better personell. Which shows the power of schemes. U getting the long ball drop Edwin me more than I'd like or not be destroying these guys even more. Any thoughts on that? Thanks edge... Create something else that I can give u money for man :-)"



Ive been running one of your defenses with the Steelers and just ranked up to 717 in the world (this month only). Not sure if you follow the Steelers but they added to high 90's speed CB's to their roster (Van Dyke and King) and have an outstanding cover LB Spence (70 man/74 zone but was hurt in the preseason). Ive been playing since Madden Sega Genesis but only get a few games in a night now. Not sure if any of these players would make your Steelers roster but just passing it along. I'm still a level 3 but 20 games over 500 and climbing fast.

Thanks bro,


I went 8-8 during the Early Release weekend running basically a 4-3 pressure based scheme with the Vikes. It was the few days after that where I switched to EDGES right after the game officially came out. Since then I have only used the Chiefs and have a record of 39-24 running EDGES and the Edge Legend.

I know it is early in the season but I just cracked the top 1000 overall on Xbox tonight and sit at 861 overall currently. EDGES combined with a methodical offense has been the key....avoiding mistakes while making sound play calls. I will pick it back up tomorrow and start to really test this EDGES scheme against some of the high ranked guys as this week continues.

Great scheme Edge!
-Stevie T

To, edge I want to thank you for your scheme. My game has improved 10 fold. I 
run a league and play online occasionally. I'm still learning I'm getting better 
and better each day. I've bought other madden info from other guys. Yours is the 
best by far.

Clifford Young Jr

""Hi Edge and Stevie T! Look Edge, the Chiefs tutorial for the Abyss was amazing! The best one that you have made imho! I am going to take the time to say thank you, to you and Stevie (thank you for your gameplan of the Chiefs with the Edges).I appreciate that you are loyal to your members and that you answer each and every question that is posed to you both. Also, with the knowledge that you provide, where else can you go and be entertained with movies? My wife, who doesn't even play madden, lol, always asks, "Does Edge have any new movies today? lol, you are pretty much a household name here :) With the time and dedication that you have to make all of us great Madden players, I thank you! If you ever decided to upgrade your coaching and knowledge to where you would have to charge another fee...I would be first in line! I wanted to put this in the comments section so everyone will see that I said this...EA has the wrong two people working for them, ala prima Madden! :) Thanks Edge and Stevie T!


Edge? Man we all should send you a check for this cowboys roster. I have never been able to figure out there abilities and they are my favorite team win or lose, die hard swag. Thanks brotha. Just beat another top 100 guy, blew him out to a rage quit lol GO COWBOYS.

Q Bolden

just wanna say thanx for helping my defense out. you really break things down as if im on a NFL team, im using edge legend and i went from top ranking of 20% to 6% with NO GLITCHING!!!!!

Steve I


I watched your video on how to stop the shake bliz nano off of the left side; It works great! By they way thanks for your time and effort in setting up this site. I was sitting around the 790's after studying your schemes but do to a bad internet connection and four losses to it, I'm down to 760. My hat goes off to you when two weeks ago I beat a 1128. It was close and I only won by 2 but a win is a win.



I'm 21-4 since I stared using your schemes. I started out with the near far/46, now I'm using the Edge gun/destroyer defense. This sh** is fire! I've been playing madden since 2004. I've spent several hundred dollars on various ebooks and guides, all with nanosetups or some sort of glitches. I believed this is how everyone played. I was shocked to find that u do neither. I played football in highschool and you remind me of my coach, who preached sound fundementals constantly. I'm glad that i found your website, I'm a fan for life. I will never subcribe to any more nano ebook bullsh**, ever. could u post my testimonial on your home page, it would mean alot. Take care


"All I can say is WOW!!! This is my first day using the bear 25. This possibly was the highest player skill wise I have played. I sacked him nine times with 2 interceptions to go along with it. Edge you didn't charge enough for knowledge. No nanos just fundamentals of football. Once again WOW!!!"


The 1-6-4 is amazing with the Texans. Thank you for ur help. Played 2 games so 
far with it (7 ints). Thanx. Just want u to keep up the good work and ur fans 
and customers appreciate what u do for us. Stay blessed.


 Yo bro, love your system, currently 20-3 using it. One loss was due to a disconnection. If you had to pick the team with the best D, what team would that be? 



What's up man? I like everything you're about and because of that I want to contribute my Hauppauge HD DVR.  Obviously, it will help everyone see the plays clearer, especially screen shots of the plays.

I'm not asking for anything just want you to do well.  You've helped my game a lot by influencing me to think on my own. For example, I sometimes come out in a quarter formation then audible to a 4-3 spy blitz (46 playbook).  The middle safety (depth chart: FS slot 1) becomes the spy down on the line where the DT lines up.  I'm trying to see if this helps with coverage better than a DT can provide, since you can't put a LB at that spot.

Anyway, let me know how I can send it to you. 


J Torres

PS. I'm from the Bay Area too! San Jose...although I've been down in Southern Cal (Redondo Beach) for the last 10 years or so.

PPS. I'm on XBox. gamertag: johnanthony618

"Hi Guys! I just wanted to report that I am now 18-9 with the Panthers using the edges and legend scheme online riding a 4 game win streak. The addition of Quitin Mikell has made the scheme much tougher (91 hit power!) I would love to see the scheme that you are thinking about edge as these cats are loaded with talent on both sides of the ball, you just have to put people in the right spots. Thank you"


Hey edge, how you doing? I'm an older guy 53, but I love football and Madden. Got tricked into playing again in 2010 by some friends. So I was trying to get better and about a year ago I found your site and saw youre ebooks and a light bulb went off. Your system made sense and was easy to use and understand.I don't play against human competition like I used to but I'm 15-1 since. I beat the CPU on All-Madden all the time. Thanks


Edge, Militant X 1 here. Just ran a mixture of the Abyss/Edges with my Ravens. I played a random cat online don't really know his rank but he used the Texans vs my Ravens. Final score was Ravens 34, Texans 6. That's right...6. y Ravens defense was all over the place man! I got 5 picks! No nanos! No glitches! Just str8 footballin'. I watched your "steelers"Abyss 3-4! Tried to apply it to my Ravens and BAM!! Man, I can't wait to see you run this with my Ravens and see how you set up their roster and use these plays to their optimum potential. Thanks for the knowledge brah!! ~Militant X 1dge, Militant X 1 here. Just ran a mixture of the Abyss/Edges with my Ravens. I played a random cat online don't really know his rank but he used the Texans vs my Ravens. Final score was Ravens 34, Texans 6. That's right...6. y Ravens defense was all over the place man! I got 5 picks! No nanos! No glitches! Just str8 footballin'. I watched your "steelers"Abyss 3-4! Tried to apply it to my Ravens and BAM!! Man, I can't wait to see you run this with my Ravens and see how you set up their roster and use these plays to their optimum potential. Thanks for the knowledge brah!! 

~Militant X 1

I am 5-1 tonight and have shut 2 guys out. This damn thing is just crazy how great it works. I have been in the “EDGES” about 90% of the games now and I just user control Devito, or Hali on the DL to take the dive one has run on this and read option/triple option is dead! This is a turnover machine. I have been mainly coming out in the ******, ********* , ******, and the ********and moving through the 4 audibles as needed. Pressure, confusion, and coverage are unreal in this defense.

Chiefs offense is also crazy....Bowe is like a giant and the TEs catch very well. Last game was 220 rush and 215 pass.

You have solved Madden 25 in the first week....having a 4-3 mini-scheme is all you need to lock this game down.Just crushed another guy who was using the Eagles in a no-huddle 4-wide attack who threw about 65 times last game......EDGES caused 5 TOs. Hung 52 on the guy with 235 rushing and 180 passing with Chiefs.

5 game streak now and 7-1 in last 12 hours..................Stevie T

"I'm all in... The Abyss is no joke. I just beat a guy who was in the top 200 and it was SUPER easy. He was doing that max cover crap and tried the pistol. Slap the Abyss on him and he was looking at 3rd and long almost the whole game. Even got a fumble when he tried the triple option. The ****** **** just crushed it. When he 3 and 4 wide, I went to my psycho series and edges' quarter scheme. When he went empty backfield, i went **** * out of the ****** ***** and got the sacks. Very very easy game. Like i said when this(Madden 25)game came out. We should be dominant this year. They don't play D like we do. The a/b gap stuff is over. Max cover does not work. Putting your ends in the purple will lead to a 200 yd rushing game. Especially if your in the ******** or ****************. 10 game win streak and counting......." 


Just want to say thank you so much, ever since I found out about the maddenedge site, and how the maddenedge scheme works it has made me a beast in this game. Before I was introduced to the maddenedge scheme I hated the madden game series period. It was so bad that I was still playing ESPN 2k5 with updated rosters, but after coming across one of your video on youtube about the westcoast offense and the 46 defense I decided to give it a try. I eventually bought the Madden 11 game, and purchased your Maddenedge Ebook.That was the best thing that could have happen to me now im the man on my block, and everybody is getting served even die hard madden fans that have been playing the game since day one. I also have a record of 15 and 2 online you the man homie . I appreciate all of your hard, and the time and effort it takes to keep updating the ebook, and bringing us new videos keep it up big homie. P.S. the guys down at the EA Sports head quarters should have you on their payroll, because you are actually helping them sell games at least in my case real talk

I also just want to tell you that with the three team schemes that I purchased its gotten to the point where none of my friends want to play me anymore they are all playing NBA 2k11 now lol!!

Wilbert H

man im on a 15 streak right now with the scheme.its crazy lol! im like 73-26 now! still tryin to get on the team but i cant seem to catch legit online..


hey man appreciate the videos i went from 14-16 to 26-18 with the scheme based offense, ive been blitzing fairly aggressively with the 4-6 but as of recently i haven't seen many consequences. I love running it with the raiders and ravens.. thanks again brah! 


 Omg thanks for the help madden edge My defense is creating many turnovers. I still need to fine tune my offense a lil. I really appreciate these videos 


I have become the man since I have been your pupil, Im frustrating, irritating, destroying, and dominating guys who, could usually beat me, I have superior stick skills and with a great scheme Im superior. Thank you for everything holla at me sometime. IM DOWN WITH YOU MADDENEDGE. I hope we can conversate some times


WOWWWWWW.....just beat the eagles with the lions against a guy who is 126-48.....vick had a 60.8 rating with 4 picks!!!!!! stafford had 122.8 no picks two tds....f...... incredible edge...THANK YOU!!!!!! and g.. d... these lions can CATCH!! oh.....did i mention MEGATRON AND LOGAN WERE GONE IN THE 1ST QUARTER!!!! 


Honestly man I have been a long time Madden fan. I've won local madden tourneys and been decently competetive online. However, throughout my entire Madden career (dating back to ps2) I have been a strictly offense minded person. I have not found a def I couldnt score on with propper adjustments. But like many, my biggest downfall was defense... In the past Maddens u could get away with just picking random plays defensivley and hope u got lucky... I got madden 11 and was knocked out of my tourney in the first round in a shoot out where my rb fumbled in the last 2 min... However I admit the game shouldnt have been even close. With madden 11 I though the def was wack and that it was the game that made playing D impossible, little did I know it was just me sucking at it. I got frustrated and finally researched defense schemes. YOURS IS SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE, AND AMAZING!!! after studying (yes studying, even note taking!) I understand the basic concept of defense and am able to implement ur scheme into my game. I was 2-8 in my online Madden 11 record. After a few days of practice I"m now 8-8 (not great). Winning 6 straight, two against high win % opponents (49-19-used he Patriots, 128-41- he used Raiders) I'm amazed at how actually paying attention to def play calling and implementing your scheme has improved my def. My offense remains to be stellar but now I dont need to score 45 pts a game to win. I can control the clock and control the game!!! THANK U SO MUCH! I still have much to learn but I'm blown away by this scheme and felt u should know! 

Thanx again!
Maddenedge subscriber o0Se7en (Chris)

Hey edge my name is Dominic Davis and I've been using the edge system for about 
a year now. I play on the ps3 and my username is XRunninWildX. I was in the top 
100 before school work began to get heavy right now I'm sitting at 427-148 just 
outside the top 200. This was my second game back and I tried to beat Stevie t. 
But fell three yards short. But I just wanted to tell you the system works even 
against top players and this is proof.

Dominic Davis

Anybody that reads these posts, I have been playing madden a long time, I have more ebooks over the years its not even funny. none of them, and I mean none of them even come close to what edge offers. My God he is teaching you how to play with every damn team in the NFL! All the other sites its all about the raiders, well some of us are sick of hearing about the raiders! You can WIN with other teams and this man teaches you how. He constantly updates, he answers your messages, he is there 4 u.


Dear Madden Edge-

Thanks for the great input and products you put out. I’ve been labbing the Offensive scheme pack w/ the Audibles…and most recently the Weak formation that you broke down. All great stuff....As a Madden gamer and father of one…it is hard to grab some time to play a few games…so the break downs are fantastic.

P.J. M

yo man u should try tampabay also im 24-5 with the colts cover 2 pack now its deadly. I use the same concept on offence only i do gun bunch formation. if i see man i hot route the recievers in different areas to mix it up. mainly wayne cause his rt running us 99. even against the raiders D he burns them on the short out routes. Then you add clark and its deadly. When i read zones there are two other plays i will use for cover 3 n cover 2 its an amazing D and im avg. 32ppg. so basically thanks!


Dude you are a madden guru these panthers aint no joke. I just played a online game against this cat and I had 7 picks 2 I actually took them back to the house. Dude had a really good record to best i played so far he was like 210 an 57. Oh and that weak formation is crucial as well. Just keep me updated whenever you update something or find something new that works until then im running with the panther P.S. do you think I could run the roaming safety scheme with the Bengals?

Wilbert H

lol that guy really was frustrated. Edge your a very good player man. I have all your e-books and lab sessions and they really work. I use the Panthers now after I saw that video you did with them. Can you do another video with the Panthers please. 

Once again, another great video. The edge gun formation makes my passing so easy. I played a top player who was 72-5 and he was using the raiders of course. I looked at his profile and I noticed that he blitzed 75 percent of the time. So going into the game, I already knew what to expect. He tried man and nano blitzs and I punished him over and over with the edge gun. I only threw 1 pick, had 525 passing yards lol,21 points in the second quarter and ended up beating him 42-14. Thank you edge! 



20-3 using the scheme dude i watch all your vids and bought the ebook too lol 


I'm in love with this scheme. I'm using the "bend but don't break" audible pack and I'm slowly coming around to the far twins offense. My question is, what team is better suited to run the maddenedge scheme. I have been playing with 49ers or panthers, but who do you think is better suited if not one of those teams?.......p.s. i am going to refer my madden buddies to you guys because this is a great scheme.

Joseph E

Edge man this D is for real. I'm 27-8 and up to a level 5 player using this D and I just beat a level 17 and he rage quit on me in the 3rd after I picked sixed him for the second time. I would like to play someone to see about making it onto the team. thanks again for making such a great D. 


This scheme is great! I was worthless at madden until I started using the far twins formation with the ravens. It is unstoppable and I went from not having a clue about how to truly play the game to understanding so much more about how madden works and that is the key to winning. There is no better idea than to keep your opponent guessing because you use the same formation. I recently beat a player whose record was 162-39...He simply could not figure out how to stop me and I was only switching between 4 and 5 play in the Fat Twins formation. THANKS MADDENEDGE 


Very impressed with the ebook.....I reviewed the b.. g... j.... o...... defensive ebook and this one puts that one to shame.  Keep it up brother!


I just won a league game edge against a freakin great player that everyone picked to beat me,, I used alot of ur D thanx bro


Edge plays madden the way you are supposed to play madden. No glitches, good scheming, pays attention to detail like with the roster updates. Shows you how to win with different teams, Does an outstanding job. Could watch his videos all day and all night always picking something up tip wise.

This is coachfb18. I have been commenting on all your videos for some time now and finally decided to purchase your ebooks. I want you to know how satisfied I am with them. Outstanding buddy, really am going to enjoy talking with you about the scheme.


This 46 is awesome.Played a few unranked games with it.Had great success.My 1st ranked game was against a guy with a record of 675-173!!I beat him 23-17.With him only scoring his 2nd TD in the last 30 seconds.!!NO BS!!Great work EDGE!! 


i used this system and i love it. it is perfect with the 49ers. put the olb harelson at de. and mays at lb, leave smith at the other end he is a beast. put the 3rd cb at safety. and on offense leave put crabtree at 1st reciever which would put him in the slot and put davis at 2 which will put him on the outside his speed is 90 (he's a te) beast. you can switch up the running backs in different ways. you can leave gore as primary and put dixon at fb for power. or you can put westbrook as primary and put gore at fb. either way it works well. try it and let me know how you like it.  


Hey Edge I just wanted to say that I used the maddenedge 4-4 defense with the Bengals and I am currently on a 22 game winning streak and I've been playing people around level 9-17. The Bengals D are crazyyyy ballhawks I put the corner Hall at FS and he usually averages atleast a pick for me. My last game I played Tom Brady and picked him off 6 times xD all I can say is thanks and keep it up man!!! 


I won Bro, I won the superbowl in the mrl bro, and I used tons of ur D schemes my man, thanx soo very much for all ur help I get all kinda calls now askin for help and I tell em to check out the site bro I hope u still keep workin the heck outa ur schemes.. Ur the best my man


word. good looking man. yo, this scheme is on and poping man. my friends won'tevenlay online. they be dodging me. lol. happy new year man!!! 


I went from a 1 to a 4 in a week.And still climbing though definitely getting harder as competition stiffens.Do u have a full updated Ravens roster breakdown? Get back to me when u can

Rob M

Thanks again for making that redskins video it i have been have so much sucess with it so far i average about 3 tournovers a game now i cant believe redskins is so aware now and not just standing around like they use to hopefully i can use that same setup in the tourney.Its crazy ur scheme on defense and offense is so simple its better than the ebooks  


these two videos have been very helpful to me man. thanks a bunch. hopefully you charge a lot more for the updating ebook next season because you deserve it and i for one will gladly pay. 


 Thanks man! i was practiclly ripping my hair out everytime tebow threw and INT now i know where to throw it. Something i learned with him is he can run it up the middle very well on a QB scramble, especially if its a standered pass and not a shotgun. If ur main recievers not open just real fast look for a hole and u can come up with some big runs up the middle. 


I wanted to personally thank-you for putting up the Dominant Dolphin Defense videos. I've been a dolphins fan such I was a kid and I don't play with any other team but them no matter what the situation. I've had a lot of trouble playing solid defense with them but your videos are making my games much better and giving me points, turnovers, and sacks that I never used to get. My opponenets are beginning to get "edged".

Thank-You   FlyingToasterInc

yo i just bought your ebook, sh** is so hot...please make a video of you tearin it up with sanchez...i wanted to ask if i could get a link of that greatest comeback game ever WITHOUT it being blacked out....i am struggling with the o scheme...from new york i love the jets, and i know your scheme is perfect with them, besides the STOUT d, sanchez is a short passer qb and when you start bringing your opponent closer to scrimmage he can make plays deep....but yeah man, thanks for all the great should coach a team bro for real... 


Thank you MaddenEdge. I am a different player on defense now. I beat a guy using the Texans Zone Coverage scheme with the Broncos. The guy I played had a 110-44 record. I was up 17-0 in the 4th before he scored. He was using the Packers. I gave up two late TDs after E. Dumervil was knocked out of the game, but the game was already in hand. I won 20-14, picked him twice, while applying constant pressure with Dumervil and Ayers at DEs. It was amazing to see the difference once Dumervil went down. The pressure was just not as goodwithout him, but I pulled it out. It was a great game and the best player I've beat yet. I had Champ at FS and Dawkins at SS. Thank you.


edge i am on 360 and on a 17 gm win streak this scheme is great 


I gotta say these plays are beast, i use the raiders because they have lots of speed. Those tosses cause lots of problems, so much that the guy playing defense shifts linebacks and linemen to the quick toss side and i audible to the HB SWEEP to the right and he gets burnt. its an awesome combo because he will end up splitting out his D line and Linebackers and then you put the running back in the full back spot and run up the gut. or ever do some playaction plays. great job in this video


I'm new to madden on 360. I just had ps2 and this is a completely different game. Different camera views, just different everything. I used the plays on both offense and defense, and I've won every game with the raiders so far. Thank you so much for the video. The game is fun now. I wasn't having much fun before, just very frustrated. Now I have a foundation and I will watch your other videos, I've already subscribed, thanks again


i just switched my roster and in my first game using your scheme forced 5 interceptions in the first two quarters and had the other guy quitting halfway through the second quarter. it may be thought of as cheap but the scheme works without exploiting the game's faults, which is rare with how many the game actually has 


The scheme works great. I am 35-5 using it i dont know the excact percent of that but i think its above 80.
Can u put a video of using the Saints next


I've been struggling playing online for a while, now since I saw your videos, now, I'm playing more correctly.Your offense and defense works perfect, now I'm on level 3.


Hey bro Im the guy you helped out with the Minnesota Vikings. My 2 favorite teams are the Vikings and Broncos and Im wondering if you have ever ran the scheme with them. I get bored just using the raiders and steelers and I want to use other teams. I DO USE TEBOW. Even though he makes some wack throws he is very fun to use and can make some great throws. They have great speed at wideout and great speed on D. Just lookin for some advice on using them. I'm 186-59 lvl 18 and I'm no joke around 40-4 using your scheme. Thanks 


@maddenedge i used the gun against him with the 4-3/4-4 scheme.....THESE SCHEMES ARE OUTTA CONTROL SON.... yo seriously tho, calvin johnson was on a cart 2 minutes into the game....and still was up two tds at the half.....i just won against the giants by a game winning fg....33-31....i mean really....the lions??? its crazy...going up against good players with good records and beating them with a team like this really says something about the scheme....GUYS IF YOU DONT HAVE THE EBOOK GET IT


Hey Maddenedge, so I bought yo e-book and its fantastic, i really appreciate all the time you put into these videos and the book itself. I wanted to ask, is there a specific video where you show how to use the air patrol audible pack?


Sup bro idk if you remember me but I just wanted to let you know that your videos helped me become more competetive against higher level opponents. To bad you only play on ps3 cuz I woulda enjoyed going head up with you. Thanks again and enjoy the holidays 


i have been using your offense like in the video, one game i had over 300 yards with mcfadden from the toss then since they commit to the toss most of the time like shifting the line and linebacks to the side of the quick toss i run the HB SWEEP and its wideopen to the inzone because all their players were on the side for the quick toss. brilliant playbook and i put well over 30 points up in the game with that offense. it works wonders


@maddenedge yeah that's true. You have really good schemes man. I am like 8-3 using some of your techniques. I started a new account but anyways..I am finding that a lot of people use colts, raiders, and eagles all the time making it very hard to win most of time. I enjoy when you make a video vs. the Raiders. I hate playing them. They do some unbelievable stuff especially Hayward Bay, Ford, and of course McFadden. Keep the videos coming we appreciate them. 


I must say, great game and great scheme. Came down to the wire and clutch play got you the win. That is some extremely disciplined ball play. As a vet Madden Baller, I can say that even I took some information that I will use to enhance my game from this. Keep doing what you are doing, I bet its helping thousands of players out there and what is even better is that you are winning without nanos or glitches, straight up football. Very nice.


U play smart and I like that. U play my style of gameplay I really enjoy this! Good job


this is some good stuff i just beat a guy 42-10 with this strategy and he had the colts. looking foward to more videos with new tips and strategies


Today I put this scheme to the test, I played 3 games and won the 3. 1 player had 100+ wins and the other 2 with 65 and 70. At first I must admit I was a bit sceptical towards a single set offensive formation to be used the entire game but I listened to what you said, "believe in the offense". There is a few things I'm going to work on such as the timing of the plays since I'm only 3 games in, the defence works on its own. I think ill use the current profile for testing and create a new one for challenging other players. This current profile has, I believe a record of 56-41. As a note I show a friend of mine your scheme he also is using it...

Gene M

my D is dirt now, i was giving up 27 ppg with 29 ppg scored, i give up 17 ppg while scoring over 30 ppg. your a f...... genius my dude


I've been using the scheme and have climbed to being ranked 818 on playstation

Andrew D

Hey Edge just wanted to say I think what you are doing is admirable.  Good ones don't share the secrets to great gaming, it's the great ones that do because they know who's the student and who's the pupil. 

Chris R

 Still 22-4... Playing against higher ranks too! This scheme is not even fair for others anymore... too easy!

The SteelCurtain9

I was negative 13 and now i'm +7 40-33. All thanks to you bro, tho i have been mixing in my own plays too. Keep up the good work mate


The scheme is amazing! Still getting some games in every now and again and it's looking like it's unbeaten! Becoming too easy haha


I'm having so much success with 46 def. I have no need to go universal. But when their comes a time, I'll have complete faith in it. Thank you for all the videos bro! You are a great coach. I score on defense offen!!


i love this scheme...when i first started using it i was 56-48 and now im times like mentioned already, its kinda not fair lol...good work, great videos...and if anyone wants a game hit me up...hallandale954


First, Thank for the great videos, I've watched many of them and it's helped my defense big time. I am now 17-4, I've beat level 12s and 10s, it's great.


Yo what up Maddenedge!I use your 46 lineups and they are sick! I just bought the game and after 20 games online I'm shutting down players with winning records with hundreds of games under their belt. I only use the pro twins formation to run out the clock in the second half when I'm up by two scores. The first half I'm in 4 wide 1 TE and do nine routes and rush with Tebow up the middle when the lbs and dbs drop back hehe. It's hard to stop. Thanks for the maddenedge scheme


thats a good scheme I used it in madden 10 but I played with the Lions so it wasn't as effective because of the personnel I was using (thank goodness for Jahvid Best) being able to read your opponent and calling the right plays at the right time you can light up the scoreboard


Ayo I purchased the E-book and it actually works trust me I probably was the worst but not anymore


I appreciated man. Love the videos and what you do Madden. Do you think when madden 12 comes out you are doing the same thing? Played two games today and won easily. I set up the roster for my packers in the 3-4 defense and it did wonders for me.  Sometimes, when i want to change things up i use the giants. I set their roster for the 4-4/ 4-3 combo and murder this one player it was crazy. Well take care and watch my boys tomorrow as we bring home the lombardi trophy.


just beat a dude with your 4-6 scheme using the rams (my fav team) and the guy had the rams I made no adjustments to my depth chart your scheme is working fine with out it, good scheme and it is league friendly no nanos and im getting pressure with the rams for the first time with out blitzing inside a lot since...well when i brought the game aug 2010.. lol cant wait for the update. oh how would u arrange the rams depth chart btw jus wondering 


Thanks my G I really am learning from ur schemes, I told my friends about
Maddenedge we play on Xbox Live I finally won with the Panthers after 7 straight losses, that was before I got the roster from u thanks bro. I use to be with madden*** they dont teach like you do, it was money wasted. I learned more off Utube but ur teaching is better than the books and videos I was buying.

Charles P

Man, you do a great job! 6-0 with the Ravens since I found you. 46 D is no joke with the right personnel and play calling. Already subscribed. Thanks, now I don't have to throw this game in the trash 


fs roaming is my faavorite package... just made a level 23 quit! 


Edge, lovin the ebook and the vids. Was wondering if you could do a video (or even a short shoutout explanation) for jets defense. I know they have all the tools to be on top, but their man/zone isn't spectacular, and besides acro/revis no one really has the speed to run man against top teams. Also, specifically any tips on stopping teams like the eagles? 3 very fast receivers (including mccoy) and vick will run out of pocket all day against most zones/away from blitzes.... 


Hey maddenedge, I have been running your scheme on xbox and i won 12 games in a row. I had a sub 500 record and i am now above 500 thanks to you. I wish I would of won my last game but I ran into a nano blitzer who pinched his line and put the linebacker in the a gap. Any suggestions
Thanks, Mike


Man, I adjusted my defensive scheme to yours and I am on a 14 game winning streak. NASTY! 


This is GREAT my man and the thing is that your not talking any mess,and your playing str8 up ball.I'm new to the ps3 so this is a big help......nubiannut & nubiannut2000....i'm on the ps3 though.Will this work on that? 


I'm not even going to lie...I played the Raiders yesterday and this guy was blitzing like crazy...I ran out of the gun edge formation and he couldn't even get a sack...after awhile, i noticed that he started to play zone lol...that gun edge is very yes R.I.P. to the crazy blitz's!! BTW i won...anyone who wants a game hit me up...I'm a level 10 PSN AESTHETIC-VISION


Maddenedge your defense is sickk. I use the 46 now and im holding opponents to 6 and 10 points


Is it possible to create new XBox live profiles for free? My gamertag on XBL is JoshC1987 I am 464-162 level 18. Also, cool to see you in person once as opposed to listening to you for a while. I purchased the D e-book and above just the plays and what not I appreciate your knowledge and input of madden and football in general. Also, I have been looking/waiting for a Jaguars defensive video to come up. I am one of the few fans of the team and play my butt off on D to win consistently. 


Whats good edge? its JohnnieMaine aka Big John. jus saw the vid is the challenge still on? i saw u up a puzzle solved vid. im pretty sure the saints can be dominate with the 4-4 with the right subs. you actually inspired me to switch from 4-6 to 4-4. i use to have problems with guys lvl 16 and up but not anymore ive beaten guys lvl 20 and up and finally leveled up to 18 after bein stuck on 17 almost forever. keep the vids coming bro


Whats up Maddenedge and all subscribers i just destroyed a level 20 player on xbox360 Yeah i couldnt hold out this long i went out and bought one. Anyways this guy tried to nano blitz and turbo blitz me every single play little did he know i went to maddenedge school of stopping bullies. After i stopped his blitz he quit in the 3rd qtr. Hey Edge and everyone keep up the good work always enoy the videos :) 


With PSN down, Ive been doing some hardcore practicing...more with NCAA 11...your damn e-books are making REPURCHASE madden lol so I can practice so I am ready for online franchise, when Madden 12 drops =o)

Im in Tampa 2 Heaven

It's my favorite scheme.

I use Notre Dame which is a pretty weak defense, and I optimized them as best I could.

my thought process is that if I can get it to work with a weaker D, on the highest difficulty vs a Powerhouse team..I can definitely make it work when I have more ideal DE's and LBs.

Had 3 sacks, 2 from my best DE, a user sack out of my DT, and 2 forced fumbles due to the underneath defenders closing to the ball.

Tampa 2 at its best.


Thank you for responding in the matter that you did I really appreciate it. I am a Maddenedge fan for life !  Whatever you come out with I'll purchase, if you would just shoot me an email and I'll get it. All other ebooks that I have bought have been awful, yours are excellent ! I won several games after watching the Emergency Cowboys video. I am very pleased with your response to all of the messages that I sent you ! 

H. Daniels

By far this is the best Madden site I have ever came across or made a purchase from. The time you put into the videos and write ups are in depth. Their straight fire.  In my opinion Madden Edge tops Madden guru, madden Bible, VG sports, etc in other words tops them all. You have a variety of schemes to choose from. All I can say is wow. Keep up the great work. I'm going to spread the word to all the ballers that I play with that haven't heard of your site. One more question out of all the defensive schemes what is your favorite. 34, 43, 46, nickel, or the multiple.

Marcus Willis

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"15 game win streak "1,000s" once I switched to the Bear 25. In the 46 Bear, moved ******** to LE and ***** to DT. ******** is a monster at that spot. If he doesn't get doubled, he will pressure the QB the whole game. The Bear 25 makes defense very very simple. Almost too simple. A lot of guys run the 46, but so far, nobody runs the bear25. I know you want us to edge'em up Edge, but I think I'm going keep this one to myself. lol. Great scheme! 

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We have all faced them the A gap nano glitchers (They unrealistically bring safeties, backers or any un natural player next to the dt's, or lineman in a manner that results in un realistic sacks, or pressure that is virtually impossible to block..Of course we have found a offense that can beat it, but it still takes the fun out of the game and to beat it you're pretty much forced to play a one dimensional style of offense..What's worse than a Glitcher? A highly ranked opponent who acts as if he's a straight player, He'll play you straight early on, but if you're good enough to beat him or to get a lead on him he resorts to this cheesy glitch to try to pull out the win..I play these guys all the time, My experience tells me that 60 to 70% of the guys in the top 100 resort to these weak tactics..Were so sick of it that we decided to start the BTEL(a spot for non glitching online madden cash leagues on both the ps4 and xbox 1) We also decided to create a blog that exposes these "so called" top players for what they really are, cheaters...Remember if they can beat you MOST would rather play you straight, however some will just glitch you the whole game..I have no respect either way!!...Check back to see which screen names are legit players and who has no integrity..If you play someone who is a glitcher upload(PS4) the cheating footage to your fb page and make it a public video...from there email me a link and I will embed the post here so that the Madden community knows who is straight and who is fake...If you have a way to upload via the xboox one email me the footage or youtube link to's Expose Them...Don't Forget To Share The Glitchers Screen Name!!
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